Domestic Discipline Online

This website is here to help people who want to learn more about Domestic Discipline and how it could help improve their relationships.
It does not matter whether you are just discovering a Taken In Hand lifestyle or have been practicing it for years, I am sure you will find something interesting on our site.
It is my belief that if more couples practiced Domestic Discipline there would be a lot fewer divorces and unhappy couples.
Domestic Discipline is not about abuse or violence it is about love & respect.
If your relationship is on the rocks then this lifestyle may be what you are looking for to save your relationship.

The most common types of people I help are middle aged married couples who have realized something is missing from their relationship, the spark has gone, they no longer treat each other with respect, loving moments have become a thing of the distant past.  Often it is the woman who contacts me first seeking answers to questions she has.
This life is about love, respect, truth, and happiness.  Isn’t it time you put the spark back into your relationship.  I have lived this lifestyle for over 20 years and I don’t speak from text books i speak from practical experience. This site offers advice and help and I also post frequently on social media sites.

I now offer two types of mentoring & counseling service:
Relationship – help, and advice on leading a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle
Personal – Help and advice with personal development for those who need to be held accountable to someone.