A Good Example Of DD Lifestyle Working

I was talking to a friend,  the other day about winter approaching, both our wives have to drive early mornings and in the evenings he mentioned that his wife had a bad habit of setting off without having charged her phone.  This has also recently been an issue with my wife forgetting to charge her phone.  Potentially this could be a dangerous situation to be in out on a dark winter’s morning with a broken down car and a flat battery on your phone, my wife knows for safety reasons she must always charge her phone so she can call for assistance should something go wrong.

Here are examples of how a non-DD practising couple and a practising DD couple deal with the problem.

Non-Practising DD Couple

The husband moans at his wife for not charging her phone and explains how dangerous this could potentially be should she need to call for assistance.  
The wife responds with “Yes OK I will do it next time” but has not really taken this issue seriously, next time the husband reminds her again, this time she s him “ Stop moaning I will do it”, the next time the husband gets angry and an argument follows, now the wife is determined not to charge her phone.  

Eventually, the wife needs to call for assistance and does not have a charge in her phone, she can not call for help or let her husband know what is happening.  She could be in danger and he will be left at home worrying about why is wife is late.  

Practising DD Couple

The husband calmly tells his wife that she must charge her phone every evening and explains that is is a matter of personal safety and consideration for others and if she forgets again there will be consequences.  The wife responds with “Yes Ok I am sorry”

The next time she forgets the husband will set a punishment for the infraction and explain to her why she is going to be punished.

After being punished the wife will have learned a very valuable lesson that she will not forget in a hurry and will make sure she charges her phone every evening.  There is no arguing, should the wife need to call for assistance and let her husband know what is going on she can and everyone is happy.

What type of marriage do you want, the argumentative one that shows little consideration for others or the loving disciplined one where the wife knows she is loved and will be able to call for assistance should she break down.