Welcome to Domestic Discipline Online


Our 4 Key words are: Love, Trust, Respect & Obey

This website is for the people who are interested in the Domestic Discipline Lifestyle.
It does not matter if you have lived the lifestyle for years or just looking at it for the first time we will have something for everyone.

We see Domestic Discipline as a lifestyle where one partner is happy to be submissive to the other partners wishes  & rules & accept punishment when they break the rules.  This can lead to a very satisfying strong loving relationship for people who enjoy this.

Each couple should fully discuss the rules & punishments before entering in to the lifestyle and we always suggest you have a safe word in place to end immediately any scenario that has gone past your personal limits and this should be respected at once without hesitation.  Most partners never need the safe word as they have a great trust in their partner, knowing that they would never do anything that would physically or mentally hurt the other.


We do not tolerate or encourage any forms of physical or mental abuse ever.
This lifestyle should only be entered in to only if both partners are fully consenting adults.
Domestic Discipline should NEVER be practised on children.
If you disagree with this type of relationship we would suggest you leave our site now.

Just because this lifestyle may not be for you please respect others that do like to lead  this lifestyle.