As HoH You Must Demand Respect At All Times

Every Domestic Discipline must have respect as one of the rules, as HoH you can not lead with your partners being disrespectful.

Starting out or veterans at the DD lifestyle “Respect” is a vital part of your relationship, your TIH must treat you with respect.

As HoH you also have to earn their respect, you can’t expect your TiH to respect you if you lie, cheat, treat them unfairly.  

As TiH you must not answer back, roll your eyes or give attitude to your HoH, never talk over them or ignore them when they are speaking.  

It is important that you talk about Respect and clearly set out what punishments will be given for lack of respect.  These punishments must be consistent, allowing the smallest of infractions will show weakness and lead to further disrespect.

Always remember that RESPECT is a two-way street