Being Disrespectful To Your HOH

“Rolling Of The Eyes” must be the most common way a TIH partner is disrespectful to their HOH.
This is something my wife still does even after all our years of marriage and it is something I will not tolerate.
If she want to annoy me she knows all she has to do is roll her eyes at something I say.
As HoH I know that this does not seem serious in the grand scheme of things but it is disrespectful and as  HOH you must demand respect from your TIH.  Without respect you can not rule your home.
It should be one of your main rules in your  DD life that respect must be shown at all times or else there will be consequences.  An HOH who turns a blind eye to this will end up with much larger problems to deal with later if they do not punish every time.
But remember respect has to be earned and also works both ways.  If you are not a good HOH you will not earn or deserve the respect of your TIH.
Always be fair, caring, loving and consistent as HOH