Connection Spankings

Christmas holidays are one of the most stressful times for relationships, all the stress of preparing for xmas then suddenly you are spending days with people you don’t normally spend so much time with.  The children are at home, they can’t play out as it is wet or cold.  Husband & wife suddenly find themselves together for 2 full weeks that are full of stress and very with little personal time.  So at the end of the holidays you are left feeling depressed & not very well connected with your partner.

Regular Connection Spankings are an excellent way to reconnect with your partner because:

For the Spankee:
The feeling of being loved, HoH is making the time to spend with you, he cares enough about your needs to make sure you are taken caste of emotionally and physically.
Then there is the pleasure of the release you get when the spanking takes you emotionally  over the edge your whole body just tenses and then relaxes as your stress evaporates away.  A good cry does you the world of good, it leaves you shattered then when you awake the whole world seems a better place.
We must also not forget about the pleasure of the pain, the heat and throbbing as the pain slowly subsides after.
Last but not least the orgasm from a erotic spanking, he knows just where to spank you for that magic moment when your eyes roll & your whole body shudders with excitement from the burning deep within & your bottom

For the Spanker:
The excitement that comes from having  power and control over the person you are about to spank, the feeling you get from having another human being love & trust you enough to submit to you and your spankings, safe in the knowledge that you will never go to far.
The pleasure from seeing a bottom bent over, knowing that is is your s to spank, seeing this bottom glow a rosy red from your spankings and feeling the heat under your hand as you gently stoke her bottom afterwards.
The stress release from physically spanking her.
Then the orgasm when you take her afterwards

These are just a few of the reasons why a couple should enjoy regular connection spankings.
These are completely different to punishment spankings and are not intended to modify behaviour but generate pleasure for both partners.