Dealing with Money In A Domestic Discipline Marriage

As Christmas is almost upon us, I thought it would be a good time to discuss the household finances.

The HoH should control the household budget, all money coming into the home should be their responsibility to handle.

It does not matter who earns the most money all income should pass to the HoH they are responsible for seeing that the money is there to pay the bills, mortgage, car, etc.

The HoH will decide on the budget, and their word will be the final word.
It is important that theĀ  HoH sees that the budget is adhered to at all times any over spending could place the family in debt and have severe financial consequences.
As HoH it is expected that you will be fair with the money, it is a poor HoH who does not share the spare money.

If The TiH does not stick to the budget and does not have an acceptable reason for overspending, then they should be punished.

If the TiH does have to go over the budget they should first ask permission to spend or if it is not possible to ask first then they will have to have a valid reason for spending or risk punishment.

It is a good practice for the TiH to keep records of how they have spent the money they have been given for housekeeping etc. so if the HoH wants to check they can provide proof of spending.

Any personal spending money should not need to be accounted for as this is theirs to spend freely.