Dealing With Work & Domestic Discipline

The world has changed, modern life & financial pressure now requires both partners to work, also many wives want a fulfilling career as well as being married.
As HOH it is your duty to support your  TIH in their career choice, just because they work does not mean they can not be a TIH partner as well.  It would be unfair to ask your  TIH to stay at home all day tending to the home when they would like to have a career, you are their  HOH and must respect their wishes.
It is important that you discuss how this will work in your relationship, where possible once the TIH arrives home they should leave work at the front door and concentrate on being the TIH partner.
Here are a five tips to help cope with a Career/Working TIH & Domestic Discipline
1: Change from your work clothing into clothing that pleads your HOH as soon as you arrive home
2: Do not bring work into the home (unless you have a job were you need to work at home)
3: If you have to work at home stay within the agreed working hours
4: As HOH you need to allow your TIH the time to do her work
5: If the TIH partner is in a position of authority at work they have to m
remember that their HOH is in charge at home and if necessary be reminded of this