Discipline Spankings and Family Life


Spankings should never be carried out in front of children or given to children.  Domestic Discipline is an agreement between consenting adults only

Discipline spankings when you have family around you can be very difficult but are not impossible with a little care and thought.

It is important to discipline as soon as possible when one of your rules has been broken, a good HoH has to show consistency or they will look weak and a wife will naturally take advantage of a weak HoH.

Remember one of the reasons for living a DD lifestyle is to stop shouting and arguments in the home, by living a DD lifestyle the problem is dealy will quickly and effectively by the  HoH with as little disruption to family life as possible.

We found that as our children got older, it got harder to find time to practice DD, modern life means they  spend more time in the family home, tucked away in bedrooms playing computer type games etc.  We now have adopted this method of dealing with discipline while the children are in the house, my wife will bend over the kitchen table where  I can easily gain access to her bottom for spanking, I use normal kitchen implements like wooden spoons and spatulas, these do not have to be hidden and can be kept readily at hand for quick spankings, they are effective, reasonably quiet and low cost to replace when they are broken, which I have to admit is often, but they are readily available at discount stores.  My wife can then be sent to the bathroom or bedroom until she has stopped crying and regained her composure without the children knowing what is happening.