Domestic Discipline Testing His Word

Recently I was contacted by a married woman who has entered the DD lifestyle with her husband this year.  Everything is very new to them still,  but she did have a question at the back of her mind.  She knew her husband was enjoying the new lifestyle and also knew that he would not / did not hesitate to dish out the punishments when required.  Her question was would he stop spanking her if she withdrew her consent and what effect would it gave on the relationship.   This played on her mind more and more so during a recent argument in the heat of the moment she withdrew her permission, which she regretted straight away but she now had to satisfy her curiosity and see what his reaction would be.

True to his word he did not even try to spank her and there was a very uneasy atmosphere between them,  this actually carried on longer than she expected, it was like a invisible wall had been built between them, she could tell he was not happy but he never tried to pursuade her to change her mind.  They carried on with a more vanilla marriage for 3 weeks.  Eventually she told him they had to talk, she told him she was grateful that he had totally respected her wishes but she could not understand why he had not tried to change her mind.
He told her he had given his word that she could stop it at any time and if there was to be any chance of this DD lifestyle working he knew that she had to know he meant what he had said.

A question she had for me was “was I right to test my husband like this”.
I think yes she was perfectly right to do this, the gift of submission is a very special thing and you need to know without doubt that you have given it to the right person.
Each relationship is different and we must always do what is right for us.  If you feel you need to test your HoH you mustbdonso, but you also,owe it to them to explain fully after why you did what you did and assure them that this will not be a regular thing..