Domestic Duties

Domestic duties should be discussed together at the start of your DD relationship, you should decide together who is going to do which jobs around the home.  Generally it is the woman’s place to do all the indoor jobs such as cooking, cleaning, laundry etc.  HoH will then tend you to outdoor and DIY jobs, such as mowing the lawns, maintenance etc.

Once jobs have been agreed it is best to make a written list of your jobs either weekly or daily so you can tick them off as you complete them.  All jobs should be as important to you no matter how large or small.  You want HoH to be pleased with you.

If you chose to ignore your jobs and watch TV, spend time on the computer or talk to friends then should be prepared for punishments.  There is never any excuse for laziness HoH deserves better form you.

As HoH I would suggest you never let undone jobs go unpunished as you will only encourage more laziness.
Be firm with your punishments and always follow them through, no matter how many promises are made

Spanking, Corner Time, Loss of Privileges can all be used.