Don’t Allow Your Relationship To Breakdown This Christmas Holidays

We all know how stressful Christmas can be at home.
The weather is normally poor it is cold, wet with sort days and long nights.  The whole family is in the house together with no work or school for 2 weeks. Add the stress of trying your best to make this Christmas perfect, the food, the presents, spending time with relatives you do not normally see and the type of people you would not choose to be friends with.  Plus, you are suddenly spending 24 hours a day with your partner, all of a sudden you just  see  their faults, you irritate each other, constant jibes, petty arguments, then before you know why a major breakdown in your relationship with things said and done that cannot be undone.  If this sounds like your Christmas then keep on reading.

Now is the time to discuss a Domestic Discipline Relationship with your partner.    Domestic Discipline lifestyle is living in a loving, caring, trusting, respectful, consenting,  relationship where one of you takes the lead role (HoH- Head Of House), traditionally this is the male partner but it can be either partner.  Stop pulling in different directions to get to the same place, the HoH will make the daily decisions, manage the family finances, guide and help the other partner which is commonly referred to as the submissive partner (Sub) to achieve their goals each day.

Once you start living the DD (Domestic Discipline) lifestyle  you will be surprised how much closer you become,  the petty arguments will stop your sex life will much better,  you will look forward to being with your partner during Christmas holidays and not dreading it.

Don’t believe all the bad press you hear about Domestic Discipline and how it is just a way, husbands can justify beating their wives, yes, lots of DD relationships do have discipline/punishment/maintenance spankings in them, but they are not abusive and are always with consent.  The  HoH having the consent to spank their submissive partner is what makes the lifestyle real, spanking brings couples closer together.  The  spankings are controlled, the Sub has a safe word in place so they can call a halt to the punishments at any time should they wish.  The HoH will never want to harm their partner, they want to help their partner and the after care after a spanking is one of the most rewarding times you will spend together.

Don’t allow these holidays to claim another relationship, discuss trying a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle with your partner instead.