Drinking Alcohol

A wife should never drink alcohol when her husband is not present, unless it is a special occasion and he has granted her permission, then she should only drink in moderation and never to excess.
Having a small glass of wine with a meal is OK.
Always remember that drinking to excess will lead to embarrassing behaviour and you to act out of character.  The last thing you would want to do is embarrass your husband or commit the worst sin of all and commit adultery.
A wife who commits adultery while drunk is not worthy to be a wife and would deserve a divorce without question.

The punishments I would suggest are these:

Going out for a drink without permission, hand spanks and grounding for 3 days with extra domestic duties to keep you busy for the 3 days.

Drinking to excess and embarrassing your husband – at least 6 swots with either a cane or paddle which ever your husband prefers, these would depend on the level of embarrassment.  Grounding for a week with all privileges removed for a week and extra boring tasks to keep you busy.

Drinking to excess, embarrassing your husband and being ill during the evening or next day – For this level of intoxication I would suggest a regular daily spanking for at least  a week along with 1 hours corner time each day, removal of all privileges for a month and plenty of extra domestic duties.

Committing Adultery while drunk – A woman who does this can not be a wife and I would suggest termination of the marriage at once, she is unworthy of any punishment.