Ending 2013

As 2013 draws to an end it is time to reflect on the year gone and how your behaviour has affected your relationship.

Take time to write a list of Positive Things From 2013:

  1. What have you achieved this year that you are most proud of
  2. What things have you done this year that has improved your personal happiness and your relationship
  3. What has your HOH done that has been good this year
  4. What was your favourite moment of 2013 with your partner

Write a list of Negative Things From 2013:

  1. What was the most disappointing / embarrassing thing you did this year
  2. What could you have done better this year that would have improved your personal happiness & your relationship
  3. What was the worst thing your HOH did this year
  4. What was your worst punishment that HOH gave you this year and why
  5. What was the moment you hated the most with your HOH in 2013

The 2 lists above are just a few suggestions to get you startred, each couple will have their own ideas as what they should add to their list, but the main thing to remember is to be HONEST.

After you have wrote your list sit down with your HOH and discuss these lists together.