I believe that it is my husband’s duty to be the responsible head of the household

I believe that it is my husband’s duty to be the responsible head of the household, to establish an order and set the necessary standards and boundaries and to enforce them steadily and firmly so they ensure peace, safety, harmony and happiness in the home. As head of the household, he should rule with authority but also with consideration so that in general disagreements, conflicts and problems are avoided and those that cannot be avoided are solved. He should respect and appreciate my skills and effort as the homemaker but handle our finances without burdening me with matters like insurances, taxes, pension and mortgages. He should make the necessary and final decisions and enforce them as well as the order, standards and boundaries with such authority and consistent firmness that there is no doubt that he is in control and takes his duties as head of the household seriously.
It comes naturally that my husband as the responsible head has not only the right and authority to make decisions and demand to be respected and obeyed but also the duty to do so. With this also comes the right and duty to correct my behaviour, adjust my attitude and punish me for all kinds of naughtiness so my respect and obedience are ensured.
Some will say that with my husband as head of household with the right to make final decisions in all matters and the authority to punish me I am deprived of freedom but I experience it differently. From my point of view there is both security and an enormous freedom in having a husband who not only by name is the head of the household but actively rules and manages so that I am free from worrying about and needing to have an opinion about all kinds of matters in which I know that he is far more competent than I am. I am free to focus on being a good homemaker and companion and I even am free to be my real sometimes foolish and youthfully impulsive and flippant self. Of course it is a freedom within the boundaries set by my husband but these boundaries and the appertaining rules and standards provide a basic security and safety financially, socially and in other ways so it is only good to have them and I appreciate that I can rely on my husband to react with proper firmness to all breaches of boundaries. It is good and safe to know that that whenever I deviate from the good order and violate my limits I can be sure that my husband will bring me back to the order and safety within the boundaries and re-establish the order by disciplining me as I deserve.
It is good and gives me a feeling of order and stability to have clear guidelines and clear limits and also to know that although we can discuss most things my husband has the final word and the authority to end discussions. There are times when I am less than happy with his decisions, times when I do not get permission to do something I wanted and also times, when I am told to do something other than I at the time would like to do. It can be really annoying and I admit that at times it even causes me to sulk but despite the childish annoyance I know that when my husband makes his decision in a matter it is a responsible and sensible decision and he has always taken into consideration what is best for me and for us as a couple. Knowing this does not always keep me from pouting when I am disappointed but I am sure that the number of my disappointments would increase dramatically if I was allowed to make my own ill-advised decisions. No doubt the undesired consequences of my impulsiveness and my overdeveloped gene for cheekiness and mischief would also be far more serious if I could not trust my husband to keep an eye on me and intervene when I get out of hand. It is true that his intervention is never pleasant but most times the unpleasantness is limited to the embarrassment and annoyance of sternly being reminded of how I am supposed to behave and sometimes he emphasises his words with a few hard slaps but the times, when it is what I deserve, I get a sound and thorough bottom blistering spanking with the strap. When it first comes so far it no longer is just unpleasant but very painful and humbling. After being spanked remembering my place certainly is not difficult and with my sore bottom, I do not risk soon again to forget the rules and boundaries. It is terrible to feel the fierce sting of the strap when it systematically blisters my bare bottom and I desperate with pain twist and wriggle but the pain that seems so unbearable helps me to handle the guilt and afterwards, when I cry and humbly reflect on my punishment and the naughtiness that caused it, it actually is reassuring and emotionally satisfying to know that I have been punished severely as I deserved it and will be feeling the effects of it for some days.
Being subject to my husband’s authority and being held accountable by him helps me to have a good and happy life and to be a dutiful wife (most of the time) and whenever he spanks me I experience it as his responsible and reasonable reaction to my naughtiness and as an act of loving care for me.
Written by: Karin