Introduction From Karin

My name is Karin and I am Danish, 66 years old, married for more than 40 years.

I am in a very happy and harmonious marriage with a wonderful husband. The only big disappointment we have had is that we never got the children we would have wanted. We have always been happy together also in many ways privileged. Now we both are retired but still active in many ways and together we enjoy life very much.

Our marriage is traditional in the sense that my husband has always been the primary breadwinner and I have always been the homemaker and done the housework. But it is also traditional in the sense that my husband is the unquestioned Head of Household. This does not mean that he has a lot of privileges but that he carries the heavy burden of responsibilities that comes with the position as HoH. He rules with a firm and steady hand, responsibly and focussing on what is best not for him or for me but for us both and our marriage. Though he naturally demands respect and obedience he also is kind and gentle and not in any way a tyrant.

From the beginning of our marriage, he has spanked me when I misbehaved and he had to seriously disapprove of my behaviour. I do not like to get a spanking; it is painful and embarrassing and highly unpleasant and it certainly does not turn me on when he wallops my bare bottom thoroughly but I accept that it is the best way to keep me in line and to discipline me.

Spankings are sharp and swift punishments that effectively puts an end to conflicts. They re-establish the order and harmony and keep me aware of how I am supposed to behave.

I know myself well enough to admit that the childishly impulsive and also mischievous side of my personality makes it necessary that I am disciplined by my husband and that he is in charge and sets the necessary boundaries gives me a freedom from responsibilities and worries I only insufficiently meet and it provides me with a feeling of basic safety that I can rely on his caring headship and can trust that he keeps and eye on me and keeps me in line.

He used to almost always spank me with his belt but as one of the presents he had for me on my birthday in 2015 was a so-called reformatory strap. The strap is now the standard implement he uses when he needs to discipline me.

I hate and fear getting spanked. It hurts so terribly when I have misbehaved and my husband puts his belt or the strap to work on my bare bottom. He always spanks forcefully and methodically and though the severity of the spankings depends on the seriousness of my offence he never stops before my resistance is broken both physically and mentally. For days after my bottom is sore and reminds me constantly of being so naughty that a severe spanking was the only natural and suitable consequence.

It is dreadfully painful every time it happens but I realise that I do not get spanked unless I deserve it and I also know that the spankings both as punishment and attitude adjustment are a very positive influence on my behaviour. The knowledge of a severe spanking being the sure consequence of misbehaviour is in many cases effective deterrent and it seems that I remember better with my bottom than with head and often it is the bottom that warns me and makes me stop before I get out of line. Just opening the cupboard and see the strap hanging there makes me tremble and better remember to behave well.

I tend to be impulsive and easily get overexcited and then, when I get carried away by the high spirit of the moment, forget the time, forget chores and other things I should do and also sometimes forget my manners and be mouthy and disrespectful. It is a kind of childishness I will never grow out of so I need a firm guiding hand and those usually 12 to 15 butt blistering spankings in a year to keep me reasonably well in line.

With my partial immaturity, I need to have limits and structure and discipline in my life and I need my husband to provide it so I can feel safe.

I hate it and cry of fear whenever I again have crossed the point of no return and am told to go and fetch the strap but I am grateful that my husband never hesitates to spank me when I deserve it and that he when needed act as the stern authoritarian and prevents me from developing into a completely wayward and bitchy woman.

By: Karin