Never Forget How Important The Aftercare is

As HoH it is your place to never neglect the aftercare after you have given a punishment.

You will need to learn when to give your TIH alone time to calm down and when to hold them and tell them you love them.  Two punishments will never be the same and you will have to react differently each time.  Sometimes your TIH will not want you near them after the punishment, they will be very emotional and are entitled to have the time they need to process what and why it has happened, other time sall they will want is to held and told how cherished they are, sometimes they may even need you to talk to them and explain why their behaviour was unacceptable and that you had no option but to discipline them.

Once a punishment has been carried out the slate should then be wiped clean and there should be no need to keep  bringing up the issue.