Set The Rules For Clothing

It is important to set the rules for clothing and what your TiH can wear or more importantly not wear.  Each HoH will have different opinions on what clothing  their TiH should wear and these rules should be agreed early on in your DD lifestyle.

If your TiH has to work then is has to be accepted that she will have to wear clothing that is suitable for their work or a uniform they have been given.  But once the TiH returns home then they should change into the clothing you have agreed should be worn.

I personally like my wife to dress conservatively will I am a t work and she has free choice on her outfits  but during her time with me she is expected to wear they type of clothing I enjoy seeing her in.   Regarding makeup we have also included this in our dress code and again makeup is allowed but toned down while she is at work and they are glammed up when she is with  me.

Having set rules will stop your TiH from offending you by wearing an unsuitable outfit and also it will make her feel good when they are dressed in clothing they know you enjoy them wearing.