Spank Your Wife Safely

Before you spank your wife, it is important that you have made sure that she will be safe and not get injured. Make sure that any chairs or tables you are going to have her bend o verb are steady and can take her weight.  If you are putting her over your knee, make sure that she is steady and that you have a good hold of her before you start.
If you are new to discipline or do not have a sturdy chair etc. then have her lay across the bed, you can place a pillow under her to raise her bottom slightly.
It is only natural that your wife will move around a lot when spanked, often this is just an involuntary reaction so before you strike again, make sure she is in the correct position o that you only strike her buttocks or thighs and not her back.
Another thing you have to be careful of is that she does not suddenly try to cover her bottom with her hands as this can lead to server injury.
The lady in the photo foolishly tried to cover her bottom, and her husband caught her wrist with the strap, it left a nasty bruise in this case, but it could have been a lot worse such as a broken finger or thumb.  The wife should also consider the hurt this would cause her husband knowing that her injured her and this should earn her another punishment for putting herself in danger and causing her husband pain.
If your wife can’t control her hands, then consider restraining them with a tie, cuff, etc.  Doing this also has the added advantage of making her feel even more vulnerable giving the punishment more meaning.
If you wife refuses to lie still then start the spanking from the beginning and repeat this every time until she realises she has no option but lay still and accept what is coming.