Starting Your Domestic Discipline Journey

This is one of the most scary and exciting journeys you will ever make.
The best advice I can give you at this stage is to take your time, do not rush into things, talk, think, talk with your partner.

I am asked many times for help and advice about starting a Domestic Discipline Relationship, I have been giving this a lot of thought on how I can best help people who do not want to join groups / forums etc.
Many people are very private when it comes to DD so for these people who would benefit from a ONE-ONE help I am now introducing my weekly lessons.

This is a subscription service and I am going to charge a small nominal fee of £4.99p  per week for this lesson, it will help guide you through starting your  Domestic Discipline Relationship and is totally discreet & confidential

If you have any questions before subscribing please email me