Sunburn Will Earn You A Punishment

Is sunburn worth the risks?

Sunburn will earn you a punishment.
Your HoH is responsible for your health and wellbeing; it is their duty to make sure that you do not put your health at risk.
If you spend too much time in the sun or don’t apply sun cream, then you deserve to be punished. Nothing will bring you to your senses than a well-spanked sun burnt bottom.

Sunburn may seem like a  minor infraction, but it can have devastating consequences on your lives years later.  Always apply sun cream and do not spend too much time in direct sun.

Getting sunburnt falls under on of the 4D’s – Putting you in danger.
When you put yourself in danger such as getting sunburnt, speeding, etc. then your HoH has a duty to teach you that this is unacceptable.
If you become unwell, you will not be able to perform your duties, and you will be letting your HoH down.