Taking Medication & Domestic Discipline

As HoH you are responsible for taking care of your TIH’s health and wellbeing.
If your TIH is prescribed medication it is important for their wellbeing and your family happeness that they take the medication as prescribed.  If your TIH is in pain, feeling unwell or has depression you must insure that they take their medication regularly.
If they are busy in the home and work lives it is very easy to forget.
As HOH take responsibly for seeing the medication is taken such as monitoring medication or I find it easy to set out the night before the following days medication then you can easily see what has and has not been taken.
If medication is not taken then you need to punish your  TIH lightly for once but if it becomes persistent then you need to enforce the rule more severely, but remember spanking is not the only punishment available, loss of computer time, hobby time etc can be very effective.