The Cost Of Domestic Discipline

When considering starting a Domestic Discipline relationship do not let the cost of items to punish, restrain put you off.

Every home all ready has lot of items that can be used in punishments, of course it is nice to have a large collection of spanking tools to choose from but you can effectively discipline with a single well cozen item.

Spanking Tools:
1: Hand (mother nature gave us 2 of these one for holding and one for spanking)
2: Hair brush
3: Wooden spoon
4: Fly swat
5: Pallet Knife (use cation with any kind of knife)
6: Belt
7: Pet lead or collar
8: Slipper
9: Coat/clothes hanger
10: Branch of a tree
11: Rolled up magazine
12: Garden cane
13: Piece of hose pipe
14: Fish slice

the list goes on and is endless, when trying a new implement I would suggest you go careful at first to make sure the item will not cause any harm to your wife or sub other than the desired pain of the spanking.   Some items will not last very long if so do be careful, if you are expecting your wife to cook evening dinner and you use the wooden spoon and break it, how will she cook your meal.

For restraining I suggest you use :
1: Ties
2: Scarfs
3: Cloths line
4: stockings
5: Dog collar
6: Belts

I personally do not like using the cable ties you can buy cheaply as they do tend to cut the skin easily.
When restraining always make sure your wife/sub can breath, you don’t want her to die.

These are just a few suggestions and I am sure you all have your favourites which I would love to hear about.