Your First Punishment Spanking

Your First Punishment Spanking

From the moment you start living your domestic Lifestyle, you will start to see and feel the benefits of living a more structured lifestyle with rules, both partners  will know what is expected of them and will work together to achieve their relationship goals. But sooner or later the time will come when one or more of the rules have been broken and a punishment spanking has to be given. This is something you should try and mentally prepare yourself for, because from this point forward, your marriage will be different forever that first Spanking will change the way both partners look view each other with one big bag of mixed emotions.
Your relationship will never be the same again after your first discipline spanking.

HoH / Husband
As HoH you will feel guilty you have just hurt the one you love, seeing your wife cry the first time after a spanking will be disturbing, never before will you have intentionally made her cry by raising a hand to her, all your life you will have been told you “YOU DO NOT HIT WOMEN” now here you are spanking her for her own good.  Do not be tempted to say you are sorry, as HoH you have made the decision to punish her after she broke one of the rules that you both agreed on.  If you had not punished your wife you would have appeared to be weak and that is not what your wife is looking for, she is looking for a strong HoH to guide her and help make her a better person.  Also, you will have to resist the urge to throw your arms around her saying you will never do this again, tell her you love her and remind her that you did what you had to do because you love her.

You will also feel empowered after your first spanking, there is nothing like the feeling of knowing your wife love, trusts, respects you enough to bend over and allow you to pull up her skirt and pull down her panties then spank her behind because she has broken one of your agreed rules, lots of husbands also find this very arousing, do not make the mistake of turning the spanking into a love making session.  Making love would only confuse both of you, this is a Punishment and not foreplay.  Do not look for any excuse to repeat the spanking as soon as you can, a good HoH is always fair and only punishes when it is necessary and not for the sake of his own pleasure.

Submissive / Wife
What a big change in your life all of a sudden the man who promised to look after you has just raised his hand to you and physically punished you, you have spent your childhood dreaming of Prince Charming carrying you off to his castle to live happy ever after and now you find yourself crying with a sore bottom.  At first you will be shocked, how has this happened to you, why have you let this happen to you, all your childhood you have been taught that women are equal to men and men should never hit women, what have you allowed this to happen to you, you are not a weak feeble person but a strong modern woman.  Remember you are giving him the consent to spank you, if you had not broken the rules that you agreed with  him he would not have had to discipline you.  It is for your own good, you achieve your own goals.

You will also feel so emotional & tearful, bursting into tears without really knowing why and that feeling of relief when suddenly a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders, life seems calmer, you are more relaxed and focused on what has to be done.  Also, you will feel guilt for disappointing your HoH, you have let him down, forcing him to punish you, you can see the concern and mixed emotions in his face, had you behaved as you should he would not be feeling this way.
Lots of women are also aroused by a spanking, that is not just heat in your bottom you feel, do not be ashamed by this, you are not some kind of freak that loves to be beaten for sexual pleasure, what you have just experienced is a very intimate thing between husband and wife, hold on to those feelings for later when you your husband is ready to comfort you and make love to you, it will be one of the most intense love making sessions you have ever had.

These are just some of the emotions you may feel after your first spanking.