Finding Someone to Talk To About Domestic Discipline

When you have first discovered Domestic Discipline, one of the hardest things is to find someone to talk to that you can trust. You feel you can’t talk to your partner, family or friends about this subject because you are scared of what they will think of you.
Facebook groups, chat rooms and other social media sites can be great places to start but are often filled with idiots just looking for sexual kicks, and many of these people can not be trusted. Yes, there are good honest people there that will want to help, but you don’t know who they are.
My advice is careful, don’t give out personal information look for someone that offers mentoring, someone who does not want to talk about spanking and sex all the time. Look for someone that wants to help you with the benefits of leading a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle.
I now offer mentoring/counselling service that focuses on the advantages of leading a Loving Domestic Discipline Lifestyle