Preparing For The Holiday Season

Are you prepared for the holiday season?

Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year for relationships, there are more divorces after the Christmas holidays than any other time of year but this can be avoided if you prepare yourselves before.

The problem with Christmas is that we spend 2 weeks not working, seeing family that we only see at Christmas & funerals, these are people that we don’t really know and often apart from being family we have very little in common with them, if it wasn’t for the fact they are family we would not chose to be friends with them  and on top of this the fact that wives want everything to be perfect, the home, cooking, presents etc and then you have the husbands at home with nothing to do for 2 weeks so they are bored.  All these things added together spell disaster for many relationships.

Now is the time to sit down with your partner and discuss the forthcoming festive holidays, see if you can identify and problem areas, discuss how you can help each other through these problematic areas.  Taking time to communicate now will be much easier than trying to repair a broken relationship after the holiday.

HoH’s you need to make note of the areas your TIH has said she struggles with, see if you can help lighten her load during the holidays, work together so that you both have time to enjoy the holidays and relax.  Agree, any special rules for Christmas and agree the punishments should the rules be broken, it is very important that you are consistent from the start and stay consistent with all the rules of the house, even on special days if rules are broken punishments have to be given no matter what the day is.

TIH’s do not be afraid to ask your HoH for help, you are not failing them by asking for help.  Accept his help but remember to be respectful at all times and do not forget to be grateful for the extra help given.  The holidays are for both partners to enjoy so enjoy free time but do not be lazy by expecting him to do more of your work than agreed.  Excessive alcohol consumption at Xmas can lead to lots of trouble, be careful you do not drink too much if you know your behaviour deteriorates with drinking then drink more soda.  You do not want to embarrass your HoH or end up being disrespectful.  Your HoH will not want to punish you and it will spoil his Christmas if he has too.  

Remember to communicate  and discuss your thoughts and concerns before they become problems